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European resident shares his thoughts on Puerto Rico’s status

Peter Brown Barra, a twitter follower from Europe, shares today insightful thoughts about Puerto Rico’s status.




SAN JUAN (Puerto Rico Buzz) – Peter Brown Barra, a twitter follower from Europe, shares today insightful thoughts about Puerto Rico’s status.

Residing in Europe has given him a different perspective from the usual U.S.-centered point of view.

He goes as far as comparing Puerto Rico to Malta, which was once ruled by the British.

Take a look at this important Twitter Moment here:

 You can follow Peter here.

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Dad sits next to Nick Jonas, see what happens next



SAN JUAN (Puerto Rico Buzz) – Dad hats are back. Dad jeans are not. ‘Old Guys Rule’ is a successful-ish brand of dad wear.

What is it about dads that makes them so oblivious about the the modern world?

We may only know the answer once we arrive to dad-hood or mom-hood for that matter.

A dad walks in an airplane. He’s going somewhere wearing his trusty Major League Baseball grey t-shirt. Of course, he probably doesn’t know he’s picked that t-shirt five times the same week. He just wears it.

Then he sits in uncommon luxury in first-class. He probably looks around and see a young fellow next to him with shades, a hat, and big headphones.

“He’s probably listening to the game,” the dad possibly assumed.

So he talks to the guy. They exchange pleasantries. It’s not the game he’s listening to, the dad finds out.

The young fellow gets back to his cans for some more music trying to relax. Who knows the kind of day he’s had. Now a dad next to him wants to chitchat.

The dad looks around a couple of times and sheepishly – dad gets that he’s no longer cool like that – points to the headphones.

“Do they sound good?” the dad may have said.

“Yeah,” probably said the young fellow. “They’re alright.”

The dad tells him his name and the young fellow responds.

“I’m Nick Jonas.”

“Oh, ok, I had a friend back in the day named Nicholas,” could’ve said the dad. “He also went by Nick.”

Jonas nods. He’s trying not to laugh at this point, since he realizes that dad has no clue what he does.

“I’m a singer,” possibly said Jonas. “I used to be in a band, but now I do solo performances.”

The dad is thinking at this point that his daughter may like such a swell guy. He’s tried being a matchmaker in the past, but it didn’t take. Maybe this was it.

“Who is Nick Jonas?” said dad to Deanna Hall, his daughter (real name, Twitter: @deannanicoleh)

And the rest is viral history. Follow @deannanicoleh, because she deserves it for sharing this with the world.

We’ve all sorta been there at some point. Maybe not with a mega pop-star tho.

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Alexandra Lúgaro is Puerto Rico’s Trump, except she lost election



SAN JUAN (Puerto Rico Buzz) – Alexandra Lúgaro is Puerto Rico’s Donald Trump, except she lost the election – by a “yuge” margin, as Trump would say.

Lúgaro’s claim to fame are the bombastic comments with a populous message used -during and after – her independent bid for governor of Puerto Rico, last cycle.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 1.25.24 PMSound familiar?

Hardly ever does Lúgaro seem to pause and think about what she says. Instead a stream of consciousness seems to dictate her next opinion.

As recent as today, Lúgaro responded to criticism on Twitter, calling a detractor “pendejo,” which in Spanish carries the same weight as “mother fucker” or “fucking idiot” in English.

Furthermore, Lúgaro often criticizes those that “hand out” government contracts, however, she made millions through education government contracts.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 12.52.20 PM

On Twitter, Lúgaro said Elías Sanchez, former P.R. government representative to the fiscal control board, was leaving to get rich from “fucking” the country over.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 12.53.35 PM

Lúgaro, an attorney, also criticizes those who “speak pretty,” a central tenant of being a lawyer.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.32.24 PM

According to Román Meléndez, former education secretary, Lúgaro’s multi-million dollar government contracts added up to $8,218,699. The government was charged a total of $5,852,590, with little to show for.

Look at Alexandra Lúgaro, who says that if she won the governorship, her company would not do business with the DE, so of course, if they have billed more than $ 40 million, anyone can say that! said Eva Ayala, president of EDUCAMOS teacher’s union to Metro.

In a similar defense to what we have come to expect from Trump, Lugaro has said that these are all just false attacks.

Trump is wishy-washy on his religious faith. GQ reported that:

“Donald Trump is many things (loud, dumb, not as rich as he says he is), but one thing he is not is a convincing Christian. He’s kind of wishy-washy around what practicing Christians actually say and do. “

Lúgaro also has some unconventional (for a politician) religious thoughts. She has stated she is an atheist.

“I refuse to believe it … I’m still waiting for her to say that’s not true,” said Jowell, a reaggaton artist.

Now defunct news outlet, Indice, titled a story “Lúgaro unloads a huge rant.” Most people, including the media, seem to recognize at this point Lúgaro’s trumpistic style.

Fake attacks. Fake news. Fake contracts. Fake religion. Fake candidacy?

One thing that is not fake, is her propensity to live beyond her means. According to Telemundo PR, Lúgaro is being sued for not paying her $100,000 Audi.

As it turned out, Reliable Auto sued Lúgaro on June 30 demanding $100,491 from the principal of the loan, for failing to comply with the financing agreement of its Audi S8,” reported Telemundo PR.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 2.06.04 PM.png

Trump has similar issues regarding paying off things. Except, Trump addressed the issue directly.

Lúgaro, instead of responding directly, she sent Juan Antonio Corretjer to say that there will be no comment, according to Telemundo PR.

But wait, there’s more.

Trump has his own clothing line. Lúgaro launched her own clothing line also, according to Nueva Mujer.

Trump had his own show. Lúgaro now has her own show: “Sin Miedo.”

No fear is the name of her show. Another combative politician with a ‘let’s fight’ attitude. Didn’t that style get Trump to nearly declare nuclear war against North Korea recently?

It’s the same spirit and vibe with everything Lúgaro does. On the surface, it seems like a ploy to get the media to cover her musings. However, she had claimed that Facebook ‘likes’ would equal votes.

Trump is obsessive about ratings. Lúgaro is about social media statistics. Except, for Lúgaro, we can verify that her ‘likes’ did not translate to votes. The jury is still out on Trump’s ratings effects.

We could go on with a list of similarities to Puerto Rico’s own Trump: Alexandra Lúgaro. But we will refer to a 5-point list by Stephanie Maldona for El Calce.

  1. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) raids Lúgaro’s office.
  2. A T.V. show airs Lúgaro’s dirty laundry.
  3. ‘Likes’ translated to votes…or something like that.
  4. Has Lúgaro even voted before?
  5. Tempo, a Puerto Rican hip-hop/trap/rap artist, smells Lúgaro’s hair and nearly breaks the internet.


A T.V. ratings president and a governor of Puerto Rico hopeful that relies on ‘likes.’

Let’s all be thankful that Puerto Rico doesn’t have to deal with nuclear codes – yet.

Hopefully someone will just go ahead and give Lúgaro a T.V. show now that ‘La Comay’ is out.  

***Updated with Twitter comments from @maramora***

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Bill Hader does Scaramucci on SNL



SAN JUAN (Puerto Rico Buzz) – Saturday Night Live (SNL) could not pass up on the opportunity to present a parody version of Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Communications Director.

Many people may have wanted to see more of Scaramucci, but he only lasted less than a two week-notice working for President Trump.

That was unfortunate for SNL, which had come to rely on a parody of former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

However, they found a way to bring Scaramucci back to life for the audiences.

Watch Bill Hader does the best impersonation of Scaramucci that the world may ever see.




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