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SAN JUAN (Puerto Rico Buzz) – We had a chance to interview the hottest star, that you can’t miss at the club. DJ Kristiany lays down some tracks as a top DJ in Miami, FL and San Juan, PR. There’s no stopping this DJ with Puerto Rican roots.

She’s a veteran of some of the hottest spots in the electronic music mecca. Nikki Beach, Fountainbleu, Versace Mansion, LMNT, and all over Miami, FL.

DJ Kristiany is not just hitting the littest clubs, she’s done a ton of work in the corporate world also.

Adidas, All Saints, Home Depot, Carnival Cruises, Veuve Clicquot, Dewar’s, Bacardi, and Harley Davidson are just some of the brands that call her to get their parties going strong.

Who doesn’t want to be at a Bacardi party, let alone DJ the party and be the center of it all? It takes a special person with the right ‘je ne sais quoi’ to get this kind of party where it needs to be.

That’s DJ Kristiany and that’s why she took the world by surprise when she released her new single: “Taste of You.”

All my songs are tales and emotions in my life. I was craving on someone definitely.

Taste of you?! Yes, please. You are at the dance floor, you can smell the sexy perfume (ok, sometimes sweat,) you can feel the physical touch of the bodies grinding together to the beat…but what you really want is a taste of you.

You know that’s the game and that’s what you really want.

DJ Kristiany makes that game sexy and all about the desire to taste each other.

Here’s where we say “yummmmmmm” and “soooo hotttttt.”

The new single is out and it promises to make you sweat and feel sexy all at the same time.

“Taste of You,” her new single says it all. Its not only about the beat and the music, but getting all your senses wrapped up in her world. Let her guide you through the music like a shaman does to his followers during a spiritual ritual.

I pulled up the song on YouTube to see what it was all about. It was my first time listening to it. Instantly, my girlfriend gets up and dances to the beat. She wants to know what i’m listening to. “This is definitely a song to get down at the club,” she said. And getting down in the house, if you’re into that.

This is the kind of song that you can pretty much listen to anytime and feel great and sexy. You don’t have a choice but to feel sexy with all that Puerto Rican flavor bursting through the vocals.

I’m a journalist. A bold-glasses, bearded, long-haired journalist, and even I was feeling sexy. I’m not the definition of sexy-at-the-club, but I certainly felt like it. It’s the thought that counts people. Don’t judge.

The piano structure reminds of a bit Christina Milian throwback, “Dip it Low.” It has that sharp tone with a bit of an ethereal feeling of an Asian world, mixed with some Geisha sexiness. Even DJ Kristiany’s look on the cover of the single, gives off a bit of that vibe.

It’s pretty amazing what DJ Kristiany has done so far. We asked her a few questions and she so gracefully answered them all just for you. You have to read this because it goes beyond music. It’s about life and accomplishing your dreams. You need to get out there and find your song, just as DJ Kristiany has.

By the end of the song, you’ll want to be at one of her club presentations and listening to her new single “Taste of You” live.


Check out what DJ Kristiany has to say.
– Your Twitter bio says you are a DJ and a singer, how do you balance both? Do you prefer one or the other? 

I love doing both. And hopefully I can be 90 years old and still go hard at it. I am known more for DJing and that’s how I started in the music industry.​ I love singing songs while I DJ with a mic my songs or without to others people’s music, just feeling the lyrics and singing. I manage both singing and DJ, simply I sing while I’m at my house showering, cooking , sending emails and I right and voice memo my ideas. When it’s night time I like recording myself ideas and produce a simple beat to develop the song. If I know I have a show coming up I prepare my DJ set according to the type of event I am DJing​,but I choose my songs as I see my audience bounce​.

– What made you start a career in the music industry?
My love for music is what made me start my career​, I got a bachelor’s in Exercise Science and I was a personal trainer. I wanted to do a beach bootcamp with a live DJ while I gave the class and I invested in speakers, mixer and have a friend DJ my class. I started doing Youtube tutorials and teaching myself at night as a hobby and I fell in love with that and didn’t to work what I studied. I always wanted to be in the music industry, but I felt at one point in my life that I couldn’t happen to me, but once I just started my craft and doing it because I ​simply ​loved it. I then realize that It’s my life and I want to make it a good one and just spread great vibes and make dope music. Being grateful, genuine and bold is my legacy I want to leave through my music.

– What was your first gig like?
I was very excited for my first DJ gig actually and not nervous at all and I felt more like ” Finally… I get to DJ live”​​. ​My first DJ gig was at a bar/ club in Old San Juan called Pieria and my best friend Eunice and her brother Rafa opened up this cool spot and I was already bartending there and I asked to DJ and they said Yes! I played 4 hours that ​night​ to packed place. It was so fun and memorable to me.

– Have you ever reached a point so difficult that made you want to quit music? How did you overcome?

Yes, I have ​been through that a ​moment in my life when I had to balance other jobs to live and it was exhausting and​ alot of people suggested to keep my old job in Fitness because I made more money doing that. ​ I hated asking to switch shifts and dealing with​ getting days off​​ from my day job for a gig​. I just had to let myself​ take a few punches​ learn the business and go through trial and error.​ I decided that fear was not going to choose my life anymore and quit my other jobs that weren’t music related. I ​​k​eep motivating myself, practice, and believing in myself and art. Thankfully, I never quit and I know I never will, and now I work only in music​ and live of it​…finally!

– While working as a DJ, what was the moment you knew that you wanted to record a single?
I wanted to record quite some time now, but ​I chose to release “Taste Of You” because I felt it was sexy, bold and simple and I did mostly everything in creating this song. From singing, songwriting and producing. I had Timmy Clover mix and master it. ​I​t’s summer time ​now​ and I felt this jam ​was ​ready to be heard.

– Did you have the support of those close to you?

Yes, I do. It’s very important to surround myself with people that I love, inspire, motivate and enjoy my wild ideas.

– How was it recording the single “Taste of You?

Recording Taste Of You was a real chill and the muse hit me hard. I did the song overnight from midnight to 6am. I started singing lyrics to a simple beat and just let the lyrics sing out of me. I should it to my circle of friends and they loved it.

– Was this your first single? or did you have experience recording before?

This was my first single I released and I sing on.

– Did you think of someone when you wrote the song?

Yes! All my songs are tales and emotions in my life. I was craving on someone definitely.


– Why call it “Taste of You”?

I just started singing it and it just felt right.

– What would you say is the song’s style of music?

Pop, Moombah and Dancehall style

– Who collaborated with you on the single?

I didn’t collaborate with anyone, but I would love to do collabs with singers, dj​’s and ​producers with ​​songs coming up.

– Any plans for a video?

I do have plans for the video. I’m going to work with GF Films, the vibes are tropical, sensual and carefree. Filmed in Puerto Rico.

– What’s a day in the life of Kristiany like after this single was released?

After the single released I got more DJ gigs, more meetings with individuals that want to know more about myself and my music projects, still recording music at home, and I had the opportunity being on air at HOT 102.5 FM. God is great!

– Do you get to DJ and promote your single at the same time?

I always play my song when I DJ. I love seeing partiers bumping , dancing and Shazaming to it.

– Are you promoting the single in Puerto Rico or Miami?

In Puerto Rico


– Any future plans?

My future plans from now are finishing my music video, start my own monthly party called “St. Tropez” here in Puerto Rico, and taking over the world with my flow and dope music.

– Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much Puerto Rico Buzz for just being awesome and the support! I want the readers and fans to know that nothing is impossible and life is way better in the other side of fear. Follow me on twitter and IG @djkristiany.


Here are all the ways you can get in touch with DJ Kristiany:

Bookings: KRISTIANY@KRISTIANY.COM @djkristiany @djkristiany
snapchat/ kandii_dj